Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tom's Thumb

Today we hiked to the base of Tom's Thumb, a huge monolith atop a mountain (in the middle of the photo above). Being a Floridian and used to flat land, this was a tough hike for me (it kicked my arse if you want to know the truth). It also got really hot on the climb down which didn't help things. I anticipate non-functional legs tomorrow.

A yellow velvet ant!

We walked right up to this rabbit, I suspect people feed it.

Not sure what kind of lizard this is...will have to look it up and update when I'm not so tired.

A little more than halfway up.

My Dad photographing me taking his photograph.

Almost there!

The view from the base of the Thumb. Rock climbing gear is required to get to the top.

It's still pretty high up at the base!

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