Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 28 - Teach me how

Day 28

Ask someone to teach you something new.

 Air Potato Leaf Beetle Vanilla Mug Cake

My friend AC was gracious enough to teach me something she had learned to make just minutes before! A mug cake...something I had never heard of. This is the one I made. The beetle decoration is made from a strawberry, blueberry, and mint stems & leaves.

For something that came out of the microwave, it wasn't too bad, and I really appreciated the idea. 
Definitely something different.

I asked AC how hers turned out " was okay, not quite a Publix cake, but okay."

I agree.
But I suppose if I need a fast sugar fix I know what to do.

Gone! (except for the berry stains on the cutting board...those'll stick around a while)

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