Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 5 - Contain Yourself

Day 5

Make a container, something that can hold something else.


I should have started this earlier in the day. My first thought when I read the prompt was "bowl" this logically lead to "candy bowl" because, well, maybe I wanted some Halloween candy. I had all this unused paper clay just sitting in my cabinet, and so I thought, perfect! I'll use that up! 

This led to the unfinished Halloween candy dish above because there is no way this is going to dry before tomorrow. I want to paint a design on it. Is it cheating to take 2 days for one project? 

It's still not dry!!

Finally Dry. Finally Finished.

The kissing bug (AKA blood-sucking conenose) was perfect for the decoration because they are already decked out in Halloween spirit, and, they're kinda creepy. They crawl into open, unscreened windows and feast on your blood at night while you're sleeping. 

However, I feel like I missed the mark with this project:

1. I rushed the painting. 

2. When I lifted the masking tape from the rim stripes, the paint lifted in some spots.

3. I think the point of this exercise was to make a container out of a less obvious material.

4. Most importantly, there's no candy!!

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