Sunday, June 28, 2015

Insects of the Day

Eyed click beetle, Alaus oculatus

The eyed clicked beetle is quite large at a little over 2" in length. One of its defense mechanisms is to snap a spine on the ventral side of its thorax into a groove which causes the beetle to launch into the air while producing an audible click. This one demonstrated for me when I got too close with the camera.

Cicindela sp., Tiger Beetle

Efferia sp.

This robber fly appears to be having a Flatid for lunch...possibly a palm planthopper.

Rhynchomitra microrhina, Dictyopharid planthopper on milkweed

Isn't it adorable?

My Beloved Tripod

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Farewell, Sweet Cube

Just looking at this gives me anxiety

I finally did it and quit my day job. I've felt it's weight pulling me down with the gravitational force of a dying star for over a year. Time to move on. I've got the funds to float on while I look for something better (and perhaps put the tiny house plans into motion a bit prematurely). My colleagues will be greatly missed.

So what is it that I used to do for a living? 
Perhaps these work-related photos will shed light on the subject...

(WTF Nuvi?)

...or perhaps not.

Regardless, I look forward to having a functional brain again.

Here are some lovely fortunes and parting words of wisdom: