Sunday, November 6, 2016

Day 9 - Alligator Snapper's Secret

"Share a secret or make something inspired by a secret"

(Supposed to be October 9, 2016)
And thus completes Hurricane Make-up Days, Hurrah!

Day 8 - Waste Not

"Come up with a new use for something you normally would discard"

A cat toy made from a scrap of material.
Stuffed with catnip.

The gaboon viper provided just the right short and fat silhouette I was looking for.

Test Subject Okie:

I'd call that a success

(Supposed to be October 8, 2016)

Day 7 - Local

Well I got way behind last week - so, I've decided to complete the Hurricane Make-up Days first, and then I will finish Days 29 & 30, and then I will have at least done better on this challenge time-wise than the last go-around.

"Make something that represents the Town, City, State, or Country you call home"

Florida is for the Gators.

I drew this during lunchtime at work.

(Supposed to be October 7, 2016)