About My Shop

Oni Oni Oni: Mini Art for Herpetology, Entomology, and Cat Nerds

During my biology studies I learned of many wonderful and diverse creatures. Since many people still cringe at the sight of such glorious creatures as insects and reptiles, I wanted to present them in an endearing, respectful fashion. I have long admired Japanese art, especially those woodblocks and watercolors featuring animals. The animals are depicted in ways that are both respectful and delightful in their stylized linear forms. Even those images that are more on the adorable side retain some of their wild characteristics. I greatly admire the playful but spare essence that is captured in the lines. They are full of expression and impact and capture the "personalities" of creatures in wonderful and sometimes unexpected ways.  This is the aesthetic that I strive to achieve in my own drawings, resulting in some being closer to this goal than others (admittedly, I grew up drawing comics and it shows!).

Additionally, all of my art is of diminutive size, not only because I adore tiny things, but I also feel smallness gives the art a versatility that large art and objects do not have. With the aid of mats and frames, it can take up as much or as little space as you like, and will fit almost anywhere.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FAQ: (by my friends & family)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Q: What the (expletive) is an oni?
A: Sometime in 1997 I happened across a kid's drawing of a cat. Under the cat, he had written 'oni'. Under this he drew three cats, and to denote the plural form of cat, he wrote 'oni oni oni'. I have been amused by this ever since. Later I learned 'oni' was also Japanese for demon, but it is with the former explanation in mind that I named my shop.

Q: SAG...does that stand for Screen Actors Guild?
A: an emphatic No.