Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day 103 - CS Day 26 - Flag of Sweden

"Take your inspiration from something that happened today in history"

Miris striatus running off with a flag it is not supposed to have.

On June 22, 1906 Sweden adopted its current rectangular blue flag design with the yellow cross as the Official Flag and made personal use of the three-tailed Royal version (and other designs) illegal.

This is why the Miris, a true bug (hemiptera) native to Sweden, runs so quickly :)

[June 22, 2016]

Day 102 - CS Day 25 - How to make a Pop-up Card

"Teach us how to do something"

"I Can't Hide...My Larva for You!"

This is how to make a pretty simple pop-up greeting card.
Mine features a green lacewing larva and super cheesy pun,
but your design can be whatever you want.

card stock
glue stick
pens/markers/colored pencils (optional)
colored paper/origami paper (optional)
Cheesy pun or sentiment (optional)

1. First, gather your cardstock. You will have an outer and inner card. My outer card is the white one. It is 3" x 3", but yours can be any size. The kraft colored cardstock is the inner card. It is slightly smaller than the outer card.

For comparison

2. Next, decorate the front of the outer card any way you like and set it aside.

Mine is pretty simple - I glued on some origami and kraft card stock and 
wrote on it with a sharpie and gelly roll pen.

Next, I'm going to start working with my pop-up pieces.

I'm starting with a stamped image of my green lacewing drawing (it's holding an aphid in its jaws-they love aphids). You can use any image you want; a drawing, a photo, or a magazine clipping.

3. For stability, (unless it is already on thick paper), glue it to a piece of cardstock.

4. Then cut it out.

5. Use it to measure where it can go on the inner card of your pop-up. 
The idea is to keep it from sticking outside of the card when it is folded.

6. Fold the inner card backwards on its crease and cut to your mark on two sides.

7. Fold it back the way it was originally, and bump out the tab you just cut.
All the folds should be at right angles.

Then make more pop-out pieces!
My next piece will be cut from this origami paper.

Repeat steps 3 & 4 - glue it to some cardstock and cut it out.

Then repeat steps 5-7 to add another pop-up tab to the inner card.

Flip the card on its crease again

This is what it looks like when the tabs are popped out and the card is folded in the right direction.

And what it looks like opened.

Repeat steps 3 & 4 to make another pop-up piece - glue it to some cardstock and cut it out.

8. Next I'm going to make a paper "button" for a different kind of pop-up effect:

A. Take a strip of paper
B. Fold it in half, and open it up again
C.Fold up one half, aligning the edge with the crease you made in step B, 
and fold the now lower strip over the edge of the upper strip.
D. Take the lower strip and fold it over the upper strip.
E. Keep folding lower strip over upper strip
F. ...again...and again....
G. Until it looks like this- a "button". Glue the top fold to secure it.

9. Glue the "button" to the back of your pop-up piece

10. Glue the otherside of the button and affix it to the inner card where you want it.

11. Take your next pop-up piece and glue it to the tab
 (make sure it is the tab you measured for that piece!)

12. Glue your final pop-up piece to its tab

13. Next, write a sentiment on the inner card if you'd like. Then grab the outer card.

14. Glue the back of the inner card and press it down inside the outer card.


[June 26, 2016]

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Day 101 - CS Day 24 - Tag-along

"Take something that you made with you wherever you go today. Take pictures of it in different places or with different people throughout the day"

Arriving at Work

This is actually something I've done before - taking an object, photographing it in different places, and putting it together into a little book for someone. Usually, there is a loose narrative behind it.

No deeper meaning here though. I brought the paper mantispid (my very first Creative Sprint project) with me to work on Friday. It is unfortunate that my camera battery died early, as I was in the field and could have got pics around Lake Hart.

The Breakroom

My Cube

The Zen Corner in my cube

In the work truck

And the battery died!

[June 24, 2016]

So I took a few pics at Lake Mills since I missed out on Lake Hart:

[June 25, 2016]

Day 100 - CS Day 23 - The Perfect Disguise

"Make a disguise and take a picture of yourself wearing it. Bonus: Get someone to take a picture of you wearing it in public"

So here is a mantis mask made from a cereal box, hemp twine, glue, and acrylic paint.
(The perfect disguise...there's a Modest Mouse song floating around in my head now.)

Wearing this in public outside of Halloween would likely get me shot 
or arrested for suspicious behavior.

"Yup, this is Creepy."

[June 22, 2016]

Day 99 - CS Day 22 - In Public

"Do whatever you want today but do it in a public place - a park, library, coffee shop - get someone to take a photo of you doing it"

Wheelbug on sweetgum

I went to Lake Mills park for this one and decided I would draw the first bug I saw.

Lucky for me it was this glorious assassin bug, a wheelbug, named for the roundish projection on its back. I traded out the air potato for sweetgum in my drawing.

The wheelbug was actually in the middle of a face-off with a brown anole that was only a little larger than it was. Considering the digestive fluids the assassin bugs inject into their victims with each bite, I wonder who would have won that one?

[June 25, 2016]

Confession: I have to admit that my heart is just not in this right now and it's been difficult to get back into the swing of doing these, so the dates are all out of whack and I did not do one per day.

Day 98 - CS Day 21 - WRONG

"Do something intentionally wrong today"

When I first read this prompt, it made me think "Wrong...something against the Natural Order"

This sketchy comic is wrong on multiple levels.

[June 19, 2016]

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Day 97 (CS Day 20) - Pleasing Fungus Beetle

"Find a creative way to give someone a compliment"

Certain to become the gold standard of compliments.

This was made from cut out black paper and kraft paper with acrylic paint. 
The lettering was done with stamps.

(June 17, 2016)