Saturday, February 27, 2016

Day 57 - Tussock Moth Pupa

A tussock moth pupa outside of its cocoon.
Eclosion is imminent.

[February 26, 2016]

Update: The pupa plans have come to fruition!
More to come.

Day 56 - Mantispid Pupa

This is a re-drawn version of a lino I have in my shop.
I have plans for these Pupae.

As larvae mantispids ride on the backs of spiders and make their way into the egg sacs where they feast on spider eggs whilst completing their development. They pupate within a silken cocoon within the spider egg sac. Some mantispids play this game with bees, completing development in the bee's larval chambers and successfully escaping the hive without detection.

[February 25, 2016]

Update: The pupa plans have come to fruition!
More to come.

Day 55 - Black Fly Pupa

Really, all she wants to do is grow up and suck your blood, what is all the fuss about?
Ridges on the eyes (which I may have exaggerated a bit) make this pupa look comically angry.

[February 24, 2016]

Update: The pupa plans have come to fruition!
More to come.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Day 54 - Robber Fly Pupa

I've drawn another pupa to continue practicing symmetry (and perhaps also to continue the "mummified alien princess" series).

[February 23, 2016]

Update: The pupa plans have come to fruition!
More to come.

Day 53 - Longhorn Pupa

Looking much like a mummified alien princess, 
this longhorn beetle pupa resides much closer to home, within the dead bark of earth trees.

Drawing this made me realize that I am not so good at symmetry. I should work on that.

[February 22, 2016]

Update: The pupa plans have come to fruition!
More to come.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Day 52 - Scorpionfly


This is a male, females lack the scorpion-like tail.
As wicked as they look, they are completely harmless.

[February 21, 2016]

Day 51 - Meloe

The hemolymph of the blister beetle contains cantharidin, which causes blistering on contact with skin if the beetle is disturbed (by rubbing or crushing). The beetles are actually used as an active ingredient in some wart removers. This particular genus (Meloe) is known as an oil beetle or short-winged blister beetle.

[February 20, 2016]

Day 50 - Earwigs...


Interesting creatures though they are, it is hard to go by my previous convention and label this "earwigs rule", though this too, is a unit of measurement (see days 48 & 49). The earwig is in a defensive posture.

Side Bar: I wish my camera was able to properly focus on the gold ink.

And just for posterity, no, they do not purposely climb into people's ears and lay eggs.
You may breathe your sigh of relief!

[February 19, 2016]

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Day 49 - Ichneumons Rule

This is a continuation of yesterday's theme, units of measurement inspired by an ornate antique ruler. The ichneumon wasp is a graceful creature with an insanely long ovipositor. 

Perhaps I should make an actual ruler since I have two inches done now.

[February 18, 2016]

Day 48 - Stag Beetles Rule

The inspiration for this comes from antique rulers considered Imperial Japanese treasures. The rectangular drawing of the stag beetle above represents one unit of measurement (such as an inch or centimeter), and the entire ruler is then a succession of ornately drawn plants and creatures along its length. Ten units in all. Fancy!

The real rulers feature birds, plants, and hoofstock, but are similarly colored.

[February 17, 2016]

Day 47 - For the Lady

Caterpillar Medallion

Remember the Lady Who Loved Insects? This is for her. 
There are many (lovely) traditional Japanese designs with butterfly motifs, including numerous medallions. Where are the caterpillars?

[February 16, 2016]

Day 46 - 30 Second Book Report

This was another suggestion from the Unstuck think like a kid again and quickly summarize a book with the most memorable thing in it.

[February 15, 2016]

Day 45 - Name

Another suggestion from Unstuck was to name seven things based on a prompt, such as "7 reasons to send back soup". One of the prompts was "7 names for a shrimp," so naturally I thought shrimp... mantis shrimp... mantis! Here are 7 names for a mantis.

[February 14, 2016]

Day 44 - ACRONYM

This has been a much busier than anticipated year for me so far and keeping up with the Bug-A-Day challenge has been difficult. I called in some help in the form of Noah Scalin's book Unstuck for some creative ideas. The idea here was to create an acronym out of an ordinary word. 

[February 13, 2016]

Day 43 - Open to Interpretation

[Still waiting on C to send me the photo!]

I went to my friend C's house to paint away some anxiety. The result was a tiger beetle decapitating many ants in soothing watercolor.

C speculated the beetle represented the corporate machine and we are the ants being crushed in its mighty jaws, the flowers (rewards) always in sight but out of reach.

This is why I love art. What's this really about? I don't have a clue, but it's fun to imagine.

It remains in C's custody.

[February 12, 2016]

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Day 42 - Guilt

If you can believe it, I actually feel bad for hypothetically unleashing sharpie marker lace bugs on this company's lantana photos yesterday. Mm-hmm. Silly.

So to make amends, I hypothetically release these sharpie marker (giant size) minute pirate bugs in their catalog to eat up all their bad insects.

Conscience is weird.

[February 11, 2016]

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Day 41 - The Plant Catalog

This catalog was in my mailbox this morning. It comes periodically and torments me with its ineffably beautiful flowers that I cannot afford. A small act of vengeance, I drew these over-sized lantana lace bugs on their lantana with a sharpie marker. I dislike lantana anyway, abominable weed. Kill!

[February 10, 2016]

Day 40 - Snakefly


These awesome looking creatures belong to the order Neuroptera which contains many fascinating creatures.

[February 9, 2016]

Day 39 - Baby Mantis IV

Baby Mantids need no explanation.

[February 8, 2016]

Day 38 - Baby Mantis III

Today was the superbowl. I went grocery shopping and was pleased to be one of three customers.

[February 7, 2016]

Day 37 - Ladybug Larva

A terrible micron pen sketch because I'm tired.

[February 6, 2016]

Day 36 - Ephemeroptera

Mayfly on lotus

Today was a very long day culminating with an evening at the ballet, which was lovely!
This is a quick sketch of the insect world's graceful sky dancer, the mayfly.

[February 5, 2016]

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Day 35 - More Treehopper

Membracis bucktoni

This one can be found in Brazil and Peru (and likely other places in South America).
It's helmet reminds me firstly of a Portuguese Man-of-War, and secondly of a mohawk.
Perhaps it could be a mohawk styled after a Portuguese Man-of-War?
Punk rockers should be taking note of this.

[February 4, 2016]

Day 34 - Thorn Treehopper

Umbonia crassicornis

Another US native.

[February 3, 2016]

Day 33 - Oak Treehopper

These treehoppers have charmed me, here is one native to the states (Platycotis vittata)

[February 2, 2016]

Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 32 - Ant Helmet

You've got to love treehoppers and their bizarre appendages (commonly referred to as helmets).
This one is an ant mimic (Cyphonia clavata).

This is going to be the Year of Fashionable Ant Helmets, I can feel it!

[February 1, 2016]

Day 31 - Improbable Creature I

"C" is for Cladonota apicalis, a species of treehopper from central and south America whose "helmet" looks like the letter C or a crescent moon.
Treehoppers sport some of the most bizarre anatomies of any animal in the Kingdom.

Confession: I had to do this one on Feb 1st.

[supposed to be January 31, 2016]

Day 30 - Green Lacewing Earrings

Lacewings are wonderful insects. Not only are they beautiful, they eat mass quantities of harmful bugs in your garden. Their larvae resemble little alligators (though, one could argue, more voracious than alligators).

[January 30, 2016]