The Dirt Patch

An early April morning

Above is the Dirt Patch in its original state not long after I moved here in early 2012.

Here is the Dirt Patch in April 2015, not perfect, but a vast improvement I like to think! Though it is a small space, I cannot express how grateful I am to have soil to work and plants to grow. It provides a much needed respite; whenever something is tugging at my mind, I can come out here and tug at some weeds or just commune with the plants.

Not to mention, a garden attracts all kinds of insects! (I've even seen hummingbirds).

Evolvulus - Hawaiian blue eyes, a relative of the morning glory

I have a special fondness for blue flowers. Originally, I planned the Dirt Patch to be blue and white...bad soil and the central FL climate dictated otherwise.
Painted lady butterfly on onion flower
Lupine seedling

A volunteer fern between pavers


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