Sunday, October 11, 2015

Day 11 - Unexpected Results

Day 11

Spill something and make something with or inspired by the mess.

Lady Kibble

I'm preparing to head to the airport and spend the next week in Phoenix, AZ. The cats were so kind as to provide the spill for me, in the form of all the rejected kibble lying outside their bowl. Additionally, there has been a ladybug hanging out in my house for the last few days, and I thought that seemed like something I could pull off with the limited amount of meat crunchies on the floor. I also took advantage of the white space on the floor for the ladybug's pronotum. So it's a green two-spot ladybug. Made of kibble. Mmmm.

Rejected Crunchies
Don't they know their prescription diet costs $45 a bag?!

I had a customer whilst creating.

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