Sunday, July 3, 2016

Day 107 - CS Day 30 - Took you Long Enough Award

"Make a trophy or another Award for yourself"

(Yes, more clip art...I'm tired!)

Finally! The final project! It's done!

I was unable to complete the CS projects once a day after the first two weeks, 
then I took a hiatus, 
and then I took my time finishing the rest of them; 
so I feel a Certificate of Completion is a fitting award this time around.
(As opposed to my triumphant Mantispid trophy last time)

There were a lot of things that made it difficult to stay on track.

Maybe during the next CS Challenge I can keep up :)

[July 3, 2016]

Day 106 - CS Day 29 - Do-over

"Ask someone you respect to look through your past month's work and select their favorite one. Revise or refine the work they selected for today's task"

I asked my friend L to choose one, and being as indecisive as I am, she gave me a choice of two.
So I did both of them, since they were relatively reasonable demands.

"I think you should either color Day 16 (because I love it) or add a background to Day 26 (to give more of an idea of what's going on)"

This one was also inspired by L's text.
Fiery searchers are metallic-colored. Hopefully I pulled that off.

"They can take away our flag, but they can never take away our freedom!"

"Run Miris!"
I imagined a screaming horde, outraged at the new flag decree, 
demanding the freedom to choose their own flag, 
and cheering on the rebel Miris as it runs off with an illegal flag.
(yep, that horde is clip art. I'm tired!).

I actually have no idea how the Swedish people really reacted in 1906.
Maybe they were fine with it and the law passed quietly?

Speaking of freedom, Happy Independence Day

[July 3, 2016]

Day 105 - CS Day 28 - Cicada Greetings

"Call someone you haven't spoken to in a long time.Tell them what you are doing and ask them to give you an assignment for what to make today."

Cicada Greeting Card

I haven't spoken to my friend Moth in ages (beyond a quick "how are you, are you still alive?") 

She lives across the pond and our schedules are difficult to coordinate.

When asked to give me a bug-related assignment for today, Moth commanded:


So here is a periodical cicada made of colored paper,
specifically chosen so I could use Moth's favorite wine red color.

Also wik origami paper and gold ink on a 3" x 3" card,
ready to mail and greet distant shores.

Bumbles says hello.

[July 3, 2016]

Day 104 CS Day 27 - Bee Spa

"Create something in collaboration with another CreativeSprinter Today"

One of the Spa's clients

For the 27th project, I consulted with my friend and fellow artist AS in New England.

She works in a greenhouse and when asked via email what insect first came to mind, she wrote:

"I think of BEES because I have been working in beeswax and I love what bees do and produce.
Also, my coworker and I made a "Bee Spa" for all the fuzzy bumble bees that pass out on the ground
(I think the colder temps make them sluggish?)...and we also have a "Bee Necropolis" where we lovingly put all the bees that have died."

I was intrigued by both ideas - the spa and the necropolis, but decided I might have a better chance at depicting the spa. I asked AS what the Bee Spa looked like:

"...[it] is a selection of lovely cut flowers with pollen offerings plus potted plants in a protected area where the bumbles will not be disturbed as they come 'round (and where we can peek at them and sing/coo to them). It can take over 24 hours until they fly away again."

My paper bee spa is made up of origami flowers and a bumble bee constructed with paper, glue, and paint. I included two old projects completed some time ago: origami sakura on "branches" in an ikebana pot, and nodding blue flowers, cut from colored paper, in a glass bud vase. 

"Bumbles Comes Around"

The Bees thank you, AS, and so do I for the great idea!

[July 2, 2016]