Sunday, November 6, 2016

Day 9 - Alligator Snapper's Secret

"Share a secret or make something inspired by a secret"

(Supposed to be October 9, 2016)
And thus completes Hurricane Make-up Days, Hurrah!

Day 8 - Waste Not

"Come up with a new use for something you normally would discard"

A cat toy made from a scrap of material.
Stuffed with catnip.

The gaboon viper provided just the right short and fat silhouette I was looking for.

Test Subject Okie:

I'd call that a success

(Supposed to be October 8, 2016)

Day 7 - Local

Well I got way behind last week - so, I've decided to complete the Hurricane Make-up Days first, and then I will finish Days 29 & 30, and then I will have at least done better on this challenge time-wise than the last go-around.

"Make something that represents the Town, City, State, or Country you call home"

Florida is for the Gators.

I drew this during lunchtime at work.

(Supposed to be October 7, 2016)

Friday, October 28, 2016

Day 28 - Monster

"Make a monster for Monstober!"

First, may I cringe at the word mashup?

Next, I have created this wereodile finger puppet monster out of paper.

(Wereodile inspired by the Venture Brothers)

(October 28, 2016)

Day 27 - Thorns

"Make something inspired by another Creative Sprinter"

This pencil sketch was inspired by the lovely sea thorn earrings made by fellow sprinter, AS. 
The thorniness reminded me of this personable and bizarre lizard,
the thorny devil (Moloch horridus).

(October 27, 2016)

Day 26 - Frilled Lizard has the Right Idea

"Create something you can wear on your body. 
Bonus: get a picture of yourself wearing it in public"

I feel the same way as this frilled lizard about the public.
Perhaps the pin will encourage folks to bugger off?

Pin made from shrink plastic, sharpie marker, colored pencils, glue, pinback, and a wee bit of hostility (yay!)

(October 26, 2016)

Day 25 - Broken Up

"Break something, and make something new with the parts"

Sea turtle from broken CDs

(October 25, 2016)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Day 24 - Varanus Suddenly Smells Carrion...

"Make something that incorporates or is inspired by a smell"

...and flicks its tongue to collect molecules of death and stench 
which tickle its vomeronasal cavity to strict attention.

--In an effort not to fall behind, here is a quick sketch--

(October 24, 2016)

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Day 23 - Amber

"Interpret your favorite song lyrics"

It's not my favorite (who can pick one song?), but the crested gecko was 
inspired by a couple lines from the 311 song "Amber":

"Amber is the color of your energy,
shades of gold displayed naturally"

"Rainstorm, take me away from the norm"

I wanted the gecko to glow against the storm, but for the sake of getting this done, 
I used colored pencils. Maybe watercolors next time.

(October 23, 2016)

Day 22 - Topsy Turvey Mobile

"Do something backwards, upside down, or inside out"

The lizards are upside down.

Totally counts.
origami and bristol paper, glue, string, sticks

(October 22, 2016)