Sunday, May 15, 2016

Another Long Diapause....

I've been a little uneven since losing my sweet boy. He was always there for me, 
and I hope I did all I could for him. 

This manifests in the ability to be at times excited about some things that are happening in my life, but other times, especially when all is quiet, I cannot help but remember Maceo. It becomes inertia and a lack of energy. Needless to say I've fallen off the wagon completing the year-long art project I challenged myself to. I will pick it back up, at the very least to finish the Creative Sprint portion, in due time. 

The photo above is from the Orlando Wetlands in Christmas, Florida, where I spent a few hours of my Saturday. It was a very good day for viewing animals and I saw my first dusky pygmy rattlesnake (a venomous critter) in the wild:

Actually, there were two of them at different intervals along the same path. These are very small snakes, usually maxing out at two feet. You can see this one's tiny rattle, which is about half an inch long, near the left edge of the photo.

And then there was this glass lizard (a legless lizard) in the Dirt Patch. It slithered right up to my feet.

I also have my first land prospect for the tiny house since leaving VA.

See? Excitement.

And I miss Maceo.