Sunday, October 25, 2015

Day 25 - Going Public

Day 25

Make whatever you want but do it in a public place...get someone to take a photo of you making it.

I went to the Maitland Farmers Market and completed this colored pencil drawing on a bench in front of Lake Lily. This of course was inspired by American Gothic (appropriate!). Husband and wife are a tiger beetle and mantis. I think they were attracted to each other's predatory instincts. 

"My! How vicious you are!"
"Not as vicious as you, my lovely! ...didn't you eat your last husband?" 

This creative challenge is determined I will post pictures of myself online. So here I am scribbling diligently. My friend E's dog Stella is in the foreground. You can't hear it but we were treated to some modern renditions on synthesizer in the background.


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