Friday, October 30, 2015

Day 30 - Crossing the Finish Line

Day 30 (Made it!)

Make a trophy and award it to yourself.

The Golden Mantispid Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Creative Sprintery

I humbly accept.

This is the final #CreativeSprint project, and I thought what better way to end it than with the same insect I started with? This pose (which I've seen on the interwebs) seemed a perfectly triumphant fit for a trophy.

I sketched the mantispid and then traced and colored it onto shrink plastic.

It took some minor engineering to glue it on the wood bead.
(And there's the first mantispid in the background)

Materials: shrink plastic, colored pencils, brown micron pen, gold ink, wood bead, paperboard, Bristol paper, glue

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