Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 27 - We go together like

Day 27

Make something with another #CreativeSprint-er.

Snout Butterfly on a Snout

Since I don't know any other CreativeSprinters my friend LJ helped me out with this collaboration. She has nagged me since I can remember to make stuff with butterflies, which I stubbornly refuse to do for snobbish (and hypocritical she points out) reasons. So here's how this butterfly project came to be (through the magic of texts and teamwork):

SAG: Think of Bug things. What comes to mind?

LJ: >:3
LJ: Butterflies.

SAG: Somehow I knew that was coming.

LJ: Hahahahaha
LJ: Specifically a butterfly standing on a long piece of grass with its wings closed.

SAG: I’ll have you know there are already two butterflies featured in this project. One is an origami dollar & the 2nd is in a pop up card.
SAG: [back to the project at hand] 2d? 3d? Is it doing anything silly?

LJ: Make the antenna cute because that’s my favorite part.
LJ: (I feel so demanding)

SAG: Of course. I got pics of a snout butterfly in AZ. Ever seen one?

LJ: No! I’m gonna google it

SAG: Well I’m demanding of you now, too. I will make a butterfly but I want it to be an unusual circumstance. Think!  >:3 (I love that face)

LJ: How about a paper butterfly on a real piece of grass?

SAG: Maybe…

LJ: Does your camera have a timer? Because you lying on your stomach admiring the butterfly in the background would be super cute
LJ: Like fuzzy person in the background, paper butterfly in the foreground

SAG: Not gonna happen! Haha!

LJ: Or on a cat’s nose
LJ: Also super cute

SAG: Oh, they’d eat it before I could take a pic
SAG: Which ones?

LJ: The snout ones
LJ: Snout butterfly on a snout!

SAG: Hahahaha! Yes, but whose? The cats are not likely to cooperate ;)

LJ: Or you could draw it on one, I’d take that, too
LJ: Those old dogs [my LL’s] would they sleep through it?

SAG: They won’t cooperate either. One of them regularly growls at me when I approach the door. The other (I swear it was purposely) took a [expletive] right outside my open window. I’d entered her territory earlier in the day. She never did that before!

LJ: What awful dogs

SAG: Maybe I could turn a pic of my cat (photo) into (sort of) 3d & put a paper snout butterfly on the nose.

LJ: Ooooo!
LJ: That’s VERY fancy

SAG: Haha! Ok, so we’re going with a snout butterfly on ‘pop up’ snout of a cat?

LJ: I’m for it!

SAG: Alrighty! I may have to use an online kitty, I don’t think I have a good photo for this.

Thus, the world has become a better place all because of collaboration.

Materials: paper printouts, jellyroll ink, cardstock, cardboard, glue, tape, collaboration

sans photo edit

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