Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 22 - At times, indeed, almost ridiculous

Day 22

Make a Mustache and get a picture of yourself wearing it in public.

No, I try to limit the number of photos of myself online to as few as possible. Luckily, Senor Crickor stepped in for me to keep with my bug theme. 

Senor Crickor poses with his mustachio-on-a-stick

Senor Crickor takes a selfie

Senor Crickor without all the embarrassing accoutrements

SC is made of paper clay, metal wires, and acrylic paint. His accessories are paper and wire. And yes, that's tape I used to make him hold onto his things, no need to point that out.

Special note: I am indebted to LJ for the word "crickor." 
I can now no longer think of crickets without thinking...crickor!

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