Friday, October 30, 2015

Day 30 - Crossing the Finish Line

Day 30 (Made it!)

Make a trophy and award it to yourself.

The Golden Mantispid Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Creative Sprintery

I humbly accept.

This is the final #CreativeSprint project, and I thought what better way to end it than with the same insect I started with? This pose (which I've seen on the interwebs) seemed a perfectly triumphant fit for a trophy.

I sketched the mantispid and then traced and colored it onto shrink plastic.

It took some minor engineering to glue it on the wood bead.
(And there's the first mantispid in the background)

Materials: shrink plastic, colored pencils, brown micron pen, gold ink, wood bead, paperboard, Bristol paper, glue

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 29 - Get it second hand

Day 29

Ask someone to start something for you to finish.

Emoji Bugs

For the "illusion" to work, you have to imagine this Cercropia moth is actually Mothra (and perhaps you're about to become the latest casualty). It's like when you "squish" someone's head between your fingers (but everyone loves Mothra, so no squishing).

AC supplied me with this lovely sketch of hands that she had done and told me to put a bug on it. 
I printed it out from her scanned copy.

I then drew this moth separately.

A light box was used to combine the drawings and I finished it with colored pencils.

Day 28 - Teach me how

Day 28

Ask someone to teach you something new.

 Air Potato Leaf Beetle Vanilla Mug Cake

My friend AC was gracious enough to teach me something she had learned to make just minutes before! A mug cake...something I had never heard of. This is the one I made. The beetle decoration is made from a strawberry, blueberry, and mint stems & leaves.

For something that came out of the microwave, it wasn't too bad, and I really appreciated the idea. 
Definitely something different.

I asked AC how hers turned out " was okay, not quite a Publix cake, but okay."

I agree.
But I suppose if I need a fast sugar fix I know what to do.

Gone! (except for the berry stains on the cutting board...those'll stick around a while)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 27 - We go together like

Day 27

Make something with another #CreativeSprint-er.

Snout Butterfly on a Snout

Since I don't know any other CreativeSprinters my friend LJ helped me out with this collaboration. She has nagged me since I can remember to make stuff with butterflies, which I stubbornly refuse to do for snobbish (and hypocritical she points out) reasons. So here's how this butterfly project came to be (through the magic of texts and teamwork):

SAG: Think of Bug things. What comes to mind?

LJ: >:3
LJ: Butterflies.

SAG: Somehow I knew that was coming.

LJ: Hahahahaha
LJ: Specifically a butterfly standing on a long piece of grass with its wings closed.

SAG: I’ll have you know there are already two butterflies featured in this project. One is an origami dollar & the 2nd is in a pop up card.
SAG: [back to the project at hand] 2d? 3d? Is it doing anything silly?

LJ: Make the antenna cute because that’s my favorite part.
LJ: (I feel so demanding)

SAG: Of course. I got pics of a snout butterfly in AZ. Ever seen one?

LJ: No! I’m gonna google it

SAG: Well I’m demanding of you now, too. I will make a butterfly but I want it to be an unusual circumstance. Think!  >:3 (I love that face)

LJ: How about a paper butterfly on a real piece of grass?

SAG: Maybe…

LJ: Does your camera have a timer? Because you lying on your stomach admiring the butterfly in the background would be super cute
LJ: Like fuzzy person in the background, paper butterfly in the foreground

SAG: Not gonna happen! Haha!

LJ: Or on a cat’s nose
LJ: Also super cute

SAG: Oh, they’d eat it before I could take a pic
SAG: Which ones?

LJ: The snout ones
LJ: Snout butterfly on a snout!

SAG: Hahahaha! Yes, but whose? The cats are not likely to cooperate ;)

LJ: Or you could draw it on one, I’d take that, too
LJ: Those old dogs [my LL’s] would they sleep through it?

SAG: They won’t cooperate either. One of them regularly growls at me when I approach the door. The other (I swear it was purposely) took a [expletive] right outside my open window. I’d entered her territory earlier in the day. She never did that before!

LJ: What awful dogs

SAG: Maybe I could turn a pic of my cat (photo) into (sort of) 3d & put a paper snout butterfly on the nose.

LJ: Ooooo!
LJ: That’s VERY fancy

SAG: Haha! Ok, so we’re going with a snout butterfly on ‘pop up’ snout of a cat?

LJ: I’m for it!

SAG: Alrighty! I may have to use an online kitty, I don’t think I have a good photo for this.

Thus, the world has become a better place all because of collaboration.

Materials: paper printouts, jellyroll ink, cardstock, cardboard, glue, tape, collaboration

sans photo edit

Monday, October 26, 2015

Day 26 - You can take it with you

Day 26

Create a frame using any materials. Take it with you wherever you go and use it to capture anything you view as beautiful.

Zinnia in the Dirt Patch

My frame is made from cardboard, cardstock, gold ink, and glue. The insects are ebony jewelwing damselflies.

Sweetwater Park, Oviedo

Oviedo Chickens at the Library

Creek where it meets Lake Mills

A couple of my neighbors

Econlockhatchee River - in the backyard

Small fern - in the backyard

Maceo not cooperating ("WTH is this??")

That'll do, cat, that'll do.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Day 25 - Going Public

Day 25

Make whatever you want but do it in a public place...get someone to take a photo of you making it.

I went to the Maitland Farmers Market and completed this colored pencil drawing on a bench in front of Lake Lily. This of course was inspired by American Gothic (appropriate!). Husband and wife are a tiger beetle and mantis. I think they were attracted to each other's predatory instincts. 

"My! How vicious you are!"
"Not as vicious as you, my lovely! ...didn't you eat your last husband?" 

This creative challenge is determined I will post pictures of myself online. So here I am scribbling diligently. My friend E's dog Stella is in the foreground. You can't hear it but we were treated to some modern renditions on synthesizer in the background.


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day 24 - Some were made for Breaking

Day 24

Break a Rule.

This broke two rules:

1. Color inside the lines.

2. I hate yellow.

This watercolor painting is based on a bee fly photo I took in AZ. I don't know what species the flower is - it kinda looks like a tassel flower. I have to admit, the first few brush strokes made me very nervous, but then it was quite liberating putting paint where I normally would not. My strokes were freer, less confined, less controlled. Fun!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 23 - Natural Wonder

Day 23

Go outside and make a shrine to nature - leave it for someone to find.

Bugaku Bodhisattva Shrine

Umm, yes, this is the bodhisattva dedicated to imperial court dance of the insect world; the shrine being located on a spanish moss-laden oak tree (bugaku are traditional imperial court dances in Japan, I couldn't resist the bug pun). It kind of looks like a scarab beetle, so let's go with that. Hurrah Nature!

One tarsus holds a "sacred branch" (dead fern leaflet), one holds a "sacred fan" (piece of lichen), the middle pair of tarsi are clasped in an inscrutable mudra. The legs are crossed in front. What better animal representative for a bodhisattva than an insect? (Ok, perhaps a spider...octopus...centipede...nevermind).

This was created in the Econ River Wilderness Area since I had plans to visit it today anyhow. It did not get left behind for anyone, however, because of the recent upsets caused by the overuse of cairns (as trail markers and as "art" left behind). Besides making trail markings confusing, the argument is that places like the Econ Wilderness are there for people to get away from people, and this includes acts of human "whimsy". I respect this opinion and returned my shrine materials to the forest floor from whence they came.

Materials: pine cone, sticks, moss, lichens, acorn top (it's wearing a hat which is difficult to see in the photos), tillandsia (spanish moss), palmetto leaf, fern leaflet, natural twine.

Everything was already on the ground. I brought the twine and it returned with me.

Day 22 - At times, indeed, almost ridiculous

Day 22

Make a Mustache and get a picture of yourself wearing it in public.

No, I try to limit the number of photos of myself online to as few as possible. Luckily, Senor Crickor stepped in for me to keep with my bug theme. 

Senor Crickor poses with his mustachio-on-a-stick

Senor Crickor takes a selfie

Senor Crickor without all the embarrassing accoutrements

SC is made of paper clay, metal wires, and acrylic paint. His accessories are paper and wire. And yes, that's tape I used to make him hold onto his things, no need to point that out.

Special note: I am indebted to LJ for the word "crickor." 
I can now no longer think of crickets without thinking...crickor!

Day 21 - Signed Sealed Delivered

Day 21

Make something and send it snail mail to someone.

"Just thought I'd send a bug you on your birthday"

My Dad's birthday is October 22nd so I thought making a pop-up card to send him would kill two birds with one stone here. I'd been wanting to make a pop-up for a while now, but never got around to it. The front of the card contains a line drawing I did in India ink of the beetle that refused to die in my Dad's pool drain. The inside contains printouts (party hats included) of photos I took of bugs (and a scorpion) while I was in Phoenix. They were glued to cardstock and cut out with scissors and an x-acto knife. The background is a topographic map of somewhere in AZ. Also wik: art papers, parchment paper, jellyroll ink, string, glue.

This isn't a perfect pop-up, ideally the scorpion and beetle should have been glued to the bottom with tabs (for better opening/closing functionality), but they look better this way!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day 20 - You are Awesome!

Day 20

Find a creative way to give someone a compliment.

I sent this to my good friend LJ via email, to which she replied: 
"HAHA...I love that! Such a helpful diagram!" 

It was the only bug-related compliment I could think of (and LJ is the bee's knees). Then I got to thinking about how odd a phrase "bee's knees" is. This informative and entertaining website helps explain its origins.

Materials: textured cardstock, wing printouts, acrylic paint, glue.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Day 19 - Gift Economy

Day 19

Make something for another #CreativeSprint-er.

Dishcloth Moth Pin

Since I'm not on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media, I don't know any other Creative Sprinters, but my dear friend Moth asked me about it this morning, so I'm making a moth for her.

Materials: a dishcloth, brown India ink, thread, glue, metal pinback

Day 18 - Made to Trade

Day 18

Make something and trade it for something you want.


Yep, I used paper clay again and it isn't dry. Hopefully it won't take two days like the Halloween dish. I'm already playing catch up from my day of travel.

10/20/15: Finished!

It's a domino cockroach, which is actually cute for a cockroach (believe it or not I have a cockroach phobia). Composed of paperclay, metal wires, a metal pinback, acrylic paint, and varnish. Tomorrow I will attempt to trade it at the botanical garden where I volunteer.

10/21/15: The Trade

The pin was traded for this sketch of yucca and grass by fellow garden volunteer L.

I requested a bug on the leaf.

Day 17 - Give it Away

Day 17

Teach us how to do something.

How to make a hardcover Japanese side-bound book

(with a beetle)

First, I made templates to make my life easier. Print out the following templates on 8.5 x 11" paper (standard letter size). When printed to scale, this template makes a 2.25 x 3.75" finished book. If it doesn't print right, send me a message and I will send you a PDF version.

To make re-usable templates, first glue (glue sticks work best for this) these to non-corrugated cardboard (paperboard, like that used for cereal boxes),  cardstock, or manila folder, and then cut them out, preferably with an x-acto knife and metal ruler. The ones I use here are paperboard mounted. Alternatively, you can use the measurements to make your own.

Next, mark and cut out all of the pieces using the templates:

Outline two "cover papers" using the cover paper template. I like to use a thicker art paper for this, about the thickness of construction paper. This will be your cover, use any color or patterned paper you like!