Saturday, June 18, 2016

Day 93 (CS Day 16) - Starbugs

"Create something that makes you laugh out loud"

"Starbucks ruined my coffee"

Recent events being what they are, on top of a more personal issue, did not put me in a mood to complete this day's prompt. This is the same prompt that finally derailed me from the entire Bug-A-Day project because it came the day after Maceo died and I couldn't handle it anymore.

I was texting a friend while distracted at work, who was being supportive in the wake of bad news.
This was towards the end of the exchange:

(And yes, that is the screen and keypad of a non-smart phone device
 which I lovingly call my "stupid phone")

I used the unexpected LOL as inspiration for the drawing, a fiery searcher (a type of predatory ground beetle) dumping out the coffee which ruined its day. Thanks for the cheering up, L.

(June 13, 2016)

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