Sunday, June 12, 2016

Day 87 (CS Day 10) - Water Bug

"Use water as your medium or inspiration today"

Not very inspiring, but the fogged mirror wouldn't cooperate.
On left is the actual, on right is my "enhanced" version so you can actually see it.

I'm trying to pick back up where I left off on the 30-day Creative Sprint challenge. Maceo's illness and then death, coupled with new job fatigue, really knocked me off the wagon.

A few of these that I'll be posting today were completed in April (out of order it seems) but never posted. I had skipped a couple at the time which I have now completed in June, and will go forward one a day from where I left off on Day 16 (Day 15 was the last one I did in April on the 16th as I needed a distraction. Day 16's prompt just killed me at the time and then I stopped). I suppose today I need a distraction, too.

(April 11, 2016)

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