Saturday, June 25, 2016

Day 101 - CS Day 24 - Tag-along

"Take something that you made with you wherever you go today. Take pictures of it in different places or with different people throughout the day"

Arriving at Work

This is actually something I've done before - taking an object, photographing it in different places, and putting it together into a little book for someone. Usually, there is a loose narrative behind it.

No deeper meaning here though. I brought the paper mantispid (my very first Creative Sprint project) with me to work on Friday. It is unfortunate that my camera battery died early, as I was in the field and could have got pics around Lake Hart.

The Breakroom

My Cube

The Zen Corner in my cube

In the work truck

And the battery died!

[June 24, 2016]

So I took a few pics at Lake Mills since I missed out on Lake Hart:

[June 25, 2016]

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