Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Day 5 - Paint Fumes

I spent a long day helping the LL paint a garage. Afterwards I decided to relax by watching an episode of the X-Files on Netflix, while also wondering what the hell I'd do for today's bug-a-day challenge.

Then I began to wonder what Agents Scully and Mulder would be if they were insects. I decided Scully was a wasp because she is a methodical no-nonsense Amazon woman. Mulder is more of a skulker, but also deadly effective, so I thought an assassin bug was more his style. This is perhaps the result of paint fumes.

Agents Assassin Bug Mulder and Yellow Jacket Scully

Rendered in colored pencil and a micron pen. 
Apologies to Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny.

Side Bar: it's really hard to style hair on something that does not normally have hair.

[January 5, 2016]

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