Monday, August 25, 2014

Weird Fishes

The eel-like kuhli loach and neon tetras, acclimating to the temperature in a plastic bag

Nothing weird about these fish, I just happen to be humming the Radiohead song of the same name (Weird Fishes).

On my way home today I stopped at an aquarium store and finally brought home the tiny denizens that will populate my tiny tank.  I decided to go flashy and ended up with three neon tetras and a kuhli loach.  The loach, as expected, disappeared immediately upon release into the tank, burying itself who knows where in the substrate. I brought home a tiny sword plant and java fern as well, and in a few weeks, after the tank has cycled through its current nitrogen load, perhaps I will add two more neons...and another cherry shrimp.

Cherry Shrimp

...or perhaps I will get that honey gourami...

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