Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bottle Garden

A portion of my energy went into this today...I re-planted my bottle garden.  The palm and African violet which were its previous inhabitants had become overgrown, and the poor fern died.  So here I have replaced them with a type of bird's nest fern, a much smaller variety of African violet, and a really beautiful variety of club moss with deep green upper foliage and deep red underneath.  I have a little glass plate to put on the top to help keep the moisture in.  It's always a balancing act with the moisture when you first set them up.  I will be removing/replacing the plate multiple times over the next week or so. 

I also received a small aquarium from my friend L today, and I got it up and running.  I haven't kept fish in over five years, and I am really excited to have an aquarium again.  It came with a few live plants and a wee cherry shrimp.  I intend to plant more, and next weekend I will add fish.  I would really like a honey gourami if I can find one, but I may just go with some neon tetras.  

And now I am exhausted!  I wish it were not Monday tomorrow.  

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