Saturday, August 16, 2014

By way of Introduction.... is my current tiny house on this overcast and rumbling day.  It is right around 500 square feet, and its biggest problem is that I rent it.  It is otherwise an absolute delight to live here, and I consider myself most fortunate to have stumbled into it.  (I concede that I would rather have a larger than shoebox-sized freezer and broom-closet shower, but that's another least I have such things!).

This is my tiny sun-scorched garden (hooray for August in Florida!) better known as the Dirt Patch, a tribute to its humble beginnings as a partially grass-covered sand box.  Most folks would probably consider weeding a chore, but the fact that I can go out there and pull weeds - from the ground and from my mind, as my grandma has phrased it - is one of my favorite things about it.  Soon I shall sow seeds for winter plantings.  Nevermind that I meant to do that in July...

All of the fencing is to keep the cows in their place.  My landlord and neighbor, henceforth LL, keeps them for tax purposes.  They have once trampled and many times sampled my garden, despite the fencing.

Here is my handsome boy, Maceo, on his kitty leash.

He became a tripod last year as a result of a blood clot, but he gets around very well now for an old man with a missing leg.

This is his brother, Okie:

Directly above him I am holding a photo that the vet took of him during his last visit and then kindly sent to me in the mail.  That was a good mail day. 

House, garden, cats...what else do I need?

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