Sunday, July 3, 2016

Day 106 - CS Day 29 - Do-over

"Ask someone you respect to look through your past month's work and select their favorite one. Revise or refine the work they selected for today's task"

I asked my friend L to choose one, and being as indecisive as I am, she gave me a choice of two.
So I did both of them, since they were relatively reasonable demands.

"I think you should either color Day 16 (because I love it) or add a background to Day 26 (to give more of an idea of what's going on)"

This one was also inspired by L's text.
Fiery searchers are metallic-colored. Hopefully I pulled that off.

"They can take away our flag, but they can never take away our freedom!"

"Run Miris!"
I imagined a screaming horde, outraged at the new flag decree, 
demanding the freedom to choose their own flag, 
and cheering on the rebel Miris as it runs off with an illegal flag.
(yep, that horde is clip art. I'm tired!).

I actually have no idea how the Swedish people really reacted in 1906.
Maybe they were fine with it and the law passed quietly?

Speaking of freedom, Happy Independence Day

[July 3, 2016]

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