Sunday, July 3, 2016

Day 104 CS Day 27 - Bee Spa

"Create something in collaboration with another CreativeSprinter Today"

One of the Spa's clients

For the 27th project, I consulted with my friend and fellow artist AS in New England.

She works in a greenhouse and when asked via email what insect first came to mind, she wrote:

"I think of BEES because I have been working in beeswax and I love what bees do and produce.
Also, my coworker and I made a "Bee Spa" for all the fuzzy bumble bees that pass out on the ground
(I think the colder temps make them sluggish?)...and we also have a "Bee Necropolis" where we lovingly put all the bees that have died."

I was intrigued by both ideas - the spa and the necropolis, but decided I might have a better chance at depicting the spa. I asked AS what the Bee Spa looked like:

"...[it] is a selection of lovely cut flowers with pollen offerings plus potted plants in a protected area where the bumbles will not be disturbed as they come 'round (and where we can peek at them and sing/coo to them). It can take over 24 hours until they fly away again."

My paper bee spa is made up of origami flowers and a bumble bee constructed with paper, glue, and paint. I included two old projects completed some time ago: origami sakura on "branches" in an ikebana pot, and nodding blue flowers, cut from colored paper, in a glass bud vase. 

"Bumbles Comes Around"

The Bees thank you, AS, and so do I for the great idea!

[July 2, 2016]


  1. I give credit to my friend H, whose love for the helpless bees birthed the spa and the necropolis. S, you have made such a nurturing and beautiful tableau, and your creativity is inspiring! Bumbles is even in the position we found many of the bees in prior to their relocation to safety.