Monday, September 1, 2014

Pomegranate Bonsai

Happy little bonsai

It was over a year ago that I sowed the seeds for this dwarf pomegranate (Punica granatum). I now forget the variety, but I know it is not Sochi or Nana. Strangely I can find no trace of it online even though that is where the seeds were purchased.  The tree is about 8 inches tall (~20 cm).  Earlier this year, I transplanted this seedling to its bonsai tray and put it in a semi-shaded spot outside.  It bloomed profusely and produced this single fruit:

Then I brought it to the office, and despite the sunny window it dropped the remainder of its buds and has produced nothing since (wickedly, I like to think it reflects my general feelings about the place). The pomegranate finally fell off the little tree last week, and curious to see what this tiny fruit, smaller than a grape, looked like inside, I cut it open:

All we had was a steak knife!

I'm not sure if the seeds turn red or not in the dwarf varieties, but it appears the fruit was not ripe. Like the flowers, the tree presumably stopped the fruit's development and reserved its energy for adapting to the new environment. Still, it was delightful to find that the fruit is a perfect miniature of the regular-sized pomegranate. I did not sample the seeds.

The pomegranate's current home next to my cube at work. I don't blame it for looking less happy. Perhaps I will return it to its semi-shaded spot in the garden next spring.  

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