Sunday, April 10, 2016

Day 86 (Day 9 CS) - Sacred Mantis Fortune Day

"Make up your own new holiday and show us how to celebrate it."

Celebrants perform the Dance of Obeisance 'round the bonfire for the Mighty Soothsayer, 
who views them from the Tall Shrine as tasty little dancing critters

Sacred Mantis Fortune Day

To be celebrated Always on the second Saturday of May.

Upon waking, the celebrant(s) will tip-toe into the garden or wherever a mantid might be, and gently capture the first mantis they find, no matter how long it takes to find one. This Mantis represents the almighty Soothsayer. The Mantis is then to be pampered in the celebrant's home. Offerings of freshly caught insects will be made throughout the day; the variety of which shall be tailored to the mantid's preferences. Compliments are written down on ornately decorated cards and presented to the Mantis. Praise of the mantid's fecundity and ferocity are the most popular sentiments for these beautiful cards.

At dusk, a bonfire should be lit. The Mantis will be placed in a specially made Tall Shrine so as to have a good view of the celebrants, who perform the two-hour long Dance of Obeisance. This dance must be performed in its entirety, and to perfection, in order to appease the almighty Soothsayer. Once dancing is complete, refreshments are served first to the Mantis, and then to the celebrants. The traditional Beetle Bundt Cake and Mulled Hemolymph Mead are a deliciously welcome sight after so much dancing.

The celebrants are then allowed to approach the Mantis with their wishes and request to see into the future, after which the Mantis is returned to the very spot it was originally found. If the almighty Soothsayer was pleased with the day's celebratory efforts, the celebrants will dream of their future fortunes, and upon waking, know exactly how to obtain them.

Praise be to the mighty Soothsayer! 

[April 10, 2016]

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