Saturday, April 2, 2016

Day 78 (Day 1 CS) - Floral Mantid Wings

It is Creative Sprint (CS) time again! That's the same 30-day creative challenge I did last year. They (Another Limited Rebellion) send daily prompts via email guiding the creative process.

Today's prompt was:
"Make something that fits in the palm of your hand using only materials from your immediate environment"

In my morning fog I ignored the "fits in the palm of your hand" part. But this is my smaller sketchbook. :P The materials at hand (on my messy desk): a seed catalog, sharpie markers, a micron pen, a pencil and eraser, scissors, glue sticks (yes, plural).

Another note, I was a good ways into my Bug-a-Day challenge when I had to stop due to new job exhaustion and the nursing care I've had to give my 17 year old cat (he can't walk or doing anything for himself right now). I'm still tired as hell, but I wanted to see if I could pick up the thread of my 365-day Bug-A-Day challenge using the CS prompts to help. To keep track of the CS days, I am labeling these as both Bug-A-Day and CS (multi-tasking!).  
This is Bug-A-Day #78 and CS day #1.

Oh, and I'm doing the CS a day behind so I get a full day to think about what I'm going to do.
We'll see how this goes!

And now I think it is time for more coffee...

[April 2, 2016]

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