Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Coming Transition. And an alligator.

My neighbor, the alligator

On Monday I start a new job which leaves me wondering how well I'll be able to keep up with the Bug-A-Day Challenge during this transition (and ultimately long-term consumption of my time). It's been difficult so far and I've only worked part time! There may be a ton of baby mantids posted here!

The photo above was taken yesterday, a momentous occasion because before this I had never seen this gator above the waterline. I've seen its (presumable) children out and about, but always, this adult appeared as a disembodied head floating amongst the duckweed. Well, holy hell, it's HUGE! At least 8 feet. I approached a wee bit closer from behind some trees to try and better gauge its size, but it saw me and with lightning reflexes dove into the water. If you can believe it, I think I frightened it. No longer able to see it, I took the cautious route and decided my backyard walk was over.

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