Wednesday, July 22, 2015


So I've been neglecting the Dirt Patch during this period of wretched heat, no-see-ums, and thunderstorms, and it's become a bit overgrown. But who cares, I think it looks wild and lovely! Look at all the blooming zinnias! They took a long time to get going; I direct sowed them in early March and the first isolated bloom finally made an appearance at the end of June. 

Believe it or not, now is the time to start sowing the winter seeds. In this miserable summer heat, it is difficult to contemplate that cold weather is even possible here (the lengthy FL summer is the main reason I want to flee to the north. Summer in small doses).

I was very late getting the seeds started last year, and my winter garden took all season to grow into its own, only becoming full when the heat arrived and it was time to yank them out of the ground. I really have no excuse this year. The seeds are in the fridge, I have the soil, and miracles, I actually have the time. My biggest problem now is that it is so easy to get side-tracked. Work made me put my life on hold, which is never a good thing, but now all those things I wanted to do can be done, and I find all of those things tugging on and commanding my attention at once! Where does one begin scratching off the list? It is actually a wonderful dilemma to have. Blessed be thy unemployment. 

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