Sunday, April 5, 2015

Insects of the Day

Small-footed fly, family Micropezidae
Doing its odd little tap-dance

Another species of Micropezidae mating.

Acanthocephala femorata (likely)
 There were a lot of these large leaf-footed bugs (Coreidae) in the woods today. From head to abdomen they're a bit over an inch long. 

This one is busy sucking sap from the tree with its proboscis.

Luna no more

A species of hairstreak butterfly (Theclinae)

Telebasis byersi, duckweed firetail damselfly. 
This one flitted about everywhere, even landed on my shirt, but was impossible to get a decent photo of.

 Utetheisa ornatrix, bella moth (Arctiinae)

 Underside of bella moth.

A bush katydid nymph (Scudderia)

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