Saturday, November 22, 2014

Historic Gaffney House 1804

During a work-related trip this week to Gaffney, South Carolina I was, for once, rewarded for being unable to locate the Fed-Ex drop box: in the church/courthouse parking lot was this gorgeous little historic log house. Its style was common to the mid-Atlantic region of the country during the colonial/post-colonial era. Comparing its size to my current dwelling I can only guess that it is likely around 300 square feet, possibly less, not including its loft. From reading the signs, one gathers that the house has had some restoration work done and is not in its original location, but I'll let the signs speak for themselves...

Click on the photo to zoom in for reading

There were no signs stating that any furnishings in the interior were original to the house. Plexi-glass barriers at either doorway prevent one from walking around.

Mr. Gaffney may or may not have scoffed at such a sentiment, but this house is simply adorable. It makes me homesick for my own tiny house which has yet to be built (or actuality I have come across a historic house similar to this for sale...they are out there!). I console myself that I am past the financial halfway mark in reaching this goal (the goal being to become a montane forest hag with her very own tiny house :D).

...And after taking these photos and circling the block again, I found the drop box, woo!

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